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Leading Beauty Experts Who Are Disrupting The Beauty Industry.

The beauty industry has experienced a great shift since the past year, and it would be safe to assume that after a challenging year, the industry is finally bouncing back. When it comes to beauty treatments, success is defined by a distinctive omnichannel customer experience while prioritizing inclusivity and sustainability. Whether it is concerned with skincare to color cosmetics, personal care, fragrances, cosmetic treatments, or hair care, experts across the world have changed the whole outlook of beauty for society and are delivering beyond perfect results for their customers.

The standards of each industry are represented by its experts, and there is no surprise, the beauty industry has been producing skilled and expert beauty technicians each year. If you are wondering who they are, look no further, because below we have created a list of the leading beauty experts in the beauty industry who are redefining the beauty standards with their committed efforts.

Bre Hayward is a dynamic, transformational leader, and entrepreneurial strategist. Bre founded Baby Hair in 2015 and has been successfully spearheading an e-store while inspiring others to maximize their potential. Why Baby Hair? Bre has built the brand on diversity and inclusion while fostering an environment of trust. The brand created hair care products such as Shampoos and Conditioners for all hair types.

Baby Hair is a “Safe Space” that is deeply rooted in inequality therefore the brand is gender agnostic, so people of all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of the products, without regard to social hindrance. Additionally, Baby Hair offers fine-quality luxury hair care products designed to imitate the hair you had in adolescence, before the dyes, and perms, much like the hair of a baby. A positive change in appearance has a significant impact effect on self-esteem. Baby Hair reserves a portion of its proceeds to provide complimentary hair care services and makeovers to victims and survivors of Domestic Violence. Baby Hair has products with a cause because Bre believes that everyone deserves to feel their own definition of “beautiful”.

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