Baby Hair Satin Protection Bonnet


Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep like royalty on our silkiest, softest fabric. Our Satin Cap is perfect for protecting your hair. Baby Hair luxurious hair bonnet is silky, breathable & chic for strands that deserve the best.

Perfect for long or short hair, the smooth, snug elastic band of the cap protects edges & baby hairs. Wear this sleep cap to maintain moisture & prevent friction from your pillowcase that can cause dryness & damage. Great for protecting your natural hair and preserving a variety of hairstyles including rod sets, loose hair, protective styles, wash-&-gos, pin curls & more. No matter your hair type, our satin hair bonnet has got you covered to prevent frizz and help maintain the natural oils of your curly hair.

Satin or Silk? 

Silk tends to be a moisture-wicking textile, which may put your pattern at risk of waking up thirsty. Satin, in contrast, is a minimally-absorbent fabric, which means it won’t suck the natural moisture from your curls or soak in any product you’re wearing to bed.

Our Baby Hair Bonnets are not only designed to carry you into a soft slumber, but also naturally reduce friction on your most important and vulnerable features, making this set an essential for daily self-care. Above all, your hair and skin will thank you for making this luxury a part of your beauty routine.

 Just Wash Cold and Tumble Dry low for care.

One Size Fits All



Indulge in luxurious sleep with our Baby Hair Satin Protection Bonnet, perfect for protecting your hair. Our Baby Hair bonnet is silky, breathable, and chic, providing optimal comfort while you rest. With a smooth and snug elastic band, this sleep cap protects your edges and preserves your hairstyles, preventing dryness, damage, and frizz. Unlike silk, satin is minimally absorbent and won’t drain your hair’s natural moisture or soak in products overnight. Our bonnet also reduces friction on your skin, promoting daily self-care. Suitable for all hair types, our satin hair bonnet is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair. Simply wash cold and tumble dry low for easy care. Get ready for a regal night’s sleep with our one-size-fits-all satin cap.

The Baby Hair Satin Protection Bonnet is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to protect their hair and maintain its health and beauty. With its silky soft material, snug fit, and stylish design, it’s a product that you’ll use and love for years to come. So, add it to your beauty routine today and sleep like royalty every night!

Don’t stop at just our Baby Hair Satin Protection Bonnet! Check out our other hair care products to take your self-care routine to the next level. From deep conditioning treatments to wigs, we have everything you need to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

While Baby Hair strives to provide high-quality hair care products to enhance the health and appearance of your hair, individual results may vary. Our slogan, “Get Back the Hair You Were Born With,” is intended to reflect our commitment to promoting healthy hair and scalp care. However, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or that our products will fully replicate the hair you were born with for every individual. Factors such as genetics, health, lifestyle, and environmental conditions can all influence hair health and growth. We encourage customers to use our products as directed and consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice on hair care and treatment. By using our products, you acknowledge and accept that results may vary and that Baby Hair is not liable for any dissatisfaction with outcomes.

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