Beards & Bourbon Beard & Hair Comb


Beards & Bourbon Bamboo Beard Hair Comb

Using a natural bamboo comb in your hair has many benefits you wouldn’t have thought of. Wide-tooth wooden combs glide through smoothly and make detangling so much easier. Minimizing any breaking of the hair is especially important if you have curly hair.

It may also help with dandruff due to dry scalp as regular massage with a bamboo comb will normalize the oil production and can eliminate dandruff.

Our bamboo combs make it feel like a mini massage with every pass. This helps to increase the blood flow to the scalp – stimulating nutrients to the roots of your hair & promoting a happy, healthy scalp.





The Beards & Bourbon Bamboo Beard Hair Comb is a 100% natural bamboo wood comb that is expertly crafted for easy cleaning and smooth straightening. It is designed for both men and women, with dimensions of 5.3in x 2in. This comb promotes healthy hair growth by increasing blood circulation and reducing oily scalp, making it suitable for all hair types. Specifically crafted for men, it serves as an ideal beard straightening comb and is perfect for grooming and maintaining hair, wigs, and hair extensions in excellent condition.

  • 100% NATURAL BAMBOO WOOD – Crafted and sanded to perfection for an easy-to-clean smooth straightening wooden comb for men and women. Perfectly Crafted Men  Detangler Products & Hair Styling Accessories! Dimensions: 5.3in x 2in.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH- Our All Natural Bamboo Wooden hair combs promote increased blood circulation and help eradicate itchy scalp. Reduces Oily Scalp For Optimal Scalp Heath and is Suitable For All Hair Types.
  • CRAFTED FOR MEN: The Perfect Straightening Comb For Men, Ideal For Beard Straightening Comb, Grooming, and Easily Keeps your hair, wigs, and hair extensions in excellent condition.

Elevate your grooming routine with the Beards & Bourbon Hair Growth Brush. Unlock the potential for a fuller, healthier beard. Shop now and embrace your best beard journey!

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