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Whether you have short hair, medium hair, or long hair, Baevice hair extensions are a great way to add both length and volume to your mane. Of course, when dealing with hair extensions, whether they’re clip-ins or ones that get sewn-in, you’ll have to follow a hair care routine that will keep them looking their best.

Here Are 10 Hair Care Tips for Baevice Hair Extensions

Baevice#1: Apply Love

After all, you probably paid quite a bit for them! You should care for them the same way you would hair that has grown from your very own scalp. The maintenance method may differ but the level of love required won’t change.

Baevice #2: When You sleep

Just as it’s important to remove your makeup before going to bed, you want to make sure you remove clip-in hair extensions before getting your beauty sleep. Keeping them in can cause them to become tangled in your hair and can damage your clips. When taking out your clip-ins, do so from top to bottom. This will limit any tangling during the removal process. If you have sewn-in extensions, you have to (of course) leave your extensions in for bed. To keep them from becoming tangled and prevent frizz, you can wear a sleeping cap or silk scarf while you sleep.

Baevice #3: BE Kind

When combing and detangling your Baevice extensions, use a wig brush or a wide-tooth comb that will be gentle on them. Remember to always start from your end and work your way up! “Just like detangling your own hair, starting from the ends and working your way to the root will help cut down on shedding and breakage. If you take care when detangling, you’ll get longer wear out of your extensions—so, it’s well worth it.


If you have sewn-in hair extensions, wash your hair as often as you normally would. We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks. If the hair becomes oily you may use Baby Hair refresher spray. If you have clip-in extensions, however, washing your extensions once a month is fine. While this may seem like an extreme length of time, remember that clip-in extensions don’t have the natural oils that your hair does, so washing them too often will cause them to become dry and brittle.


For hair extensions, you want to make sure you use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Consider using one that’s safe for color-treated hair as your hair extensions have likely been dyed to the perfect shade. For hair extensions made from human hair, we recommend the Baby Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your extensions looking soft and manageable.


When you do style your extensions with heat, make sure you use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage.


When using hair styling products on your extensions, use ones that have a gentle formula—just like your hair care products. The color-safe formula will give human hair extensions a long-lasting, brushable hold that’s ideal for when it comes time to detangle your extensions.


If you have clip-in hair extensions, it’s a must to store them properly to prevent them from becoming tangled. Try storing them in the Baby Hair Storage Drawer! When storing extensions, put them in a ponytail so the clips don’t snag on the rest of your extensions. Simply wrap each weft around each other before securing them with a gentle hair tie.


While sewn-in extensions get moisture from your hair’s natural oils, clip-in extensions can become dry as they don’t have the same exposure. To keep them from becoming parched, use a leave-in conditioner every so often. Just make sure not to use too much as this can cause your extensions to appear greasy.

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