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Baby Soft Straight Hair 100% Indian Hair Bundles 12A Grade
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Soft Straight Hair Extensions | 12A Grade | 100% Unprocessed Raw Virgin | Indian Human Hair Extension | Straight Bundle Hair 

Our silky Baby Soft Straight Hair Extensions are raw virgin Indian bundles that offer a luxurious look and feel as our hair is made from 100% human hair sourced personally from the manufacturer to provide you, our customers, with an affordable price that cannot be beaten. This hair is bone straight and is very soft and gives an overall silky look.

All bundles are full with the root being thicker and then naturally tapers at the ends as to how human hair grows. Hair quality is superior as it allows for easy coloring and dying methods while still keeping the hair strong and its integrity in tack. Hair is also can be curled with ease and made silky straight with hot tools, just like your own natural hair heat protector is recommended. The high quality in which these bundles are made allows for minimal to no shedding provided that bundles are handled with care.

Healthy unidirectional cuticles provide an amazing feel of softness and at the same time, it is easy to manage and maintain. You can curl it, bleach it, dye it. Style it in any way you want. The durability of this hair means you won’t see any knots, tangling, or breakage with minimal shedding, all with proper care.

Each straight bundle comes in different lengths from 8 inches down to 40 inches.

Each bundle is natural, unprocessed, vetted for chemicals, and uncolored upon purchase.

Our 12A straight hair exceeds all expectations. This hair is 100% virgin human hair with unidirectional cuticles to ensure that hair is tangle-free. Our 12A bundles are a part of our more luxury collection, proven to last twice as long as  6A-9A grade bundles. This hair is extremely soft to touch and has a sheen and glow that is enviable. It flows effortlessly and is full from the top and tapers at the ends, the exact way how natural human hair grows.

Affordable pricing accompanies these bundles because we know what it’s like to search for affordable high-quality bundles that will not shed, thin out, or get too frizzy and out of control. Baby Hair only produces the highest quality bundles for our customers.

We offer a wide selection of Baby Hair Extensions so that you can have your perfect hair.

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