3 Bundles & Closure Bundle Bag


All Bae Bundles come with 4×4 Closure. The closure will be two inches shorter than the length of your shortest bundle. For Example, Bundles are 14, 16, and 18 (Closure will be 12). Bundles are 16, 18, 20 (Closure will be 14) Etc.

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3 Bundles & Closure Bundle Bag of 100% Indian Hair 12 Grade

3 Bundles & Closure Bundle Bag is normally recommended for a full natural style, especially with bundles starting at 18″ to 28″. This is the most common bundle deal and the majority of our customers are satisfied with this deal as it creates a look that is full and natural-looking.

When using a closure and any lengths 16-24 inches you will receive a full natural look.

Our Baby Hair Baby Soft 100% Raw Virgin Indian Hair bundle deal is one of more newly added products to our 12A collection which has surely demonstrated how high-end curly hair should look and feel. This hair is all-natural and is perfect for those who are looking for something a little more curly than our 9A Loose deep bundles but not as curly as our 11A Bohemian Curl. This hair was sourced for this purpose.

Like all virgin hair that we provide, we advise that you handle all bundles with care and in turn, you will be able to use your hair multiple times, with every install looking as good as the first one.

TIP for Deep Wave Bundles: Deep Wave bundles require more care. Apply a moisturizing product such as Baby Hair Leave-in Conditioner and water to keep hair moisturized and looking and feeling healthy.

Looking for more bundles? Take a look at the Stay Cute Baby Bundle Set of 12 Bundles and 4 Closures.

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