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Inner beauty means the world.

However, the way we feel is often tied to the way we look—and body image issues are a common problem.

A recent survey revealed that only 27% of respondents were “very satisfied” with their personal appearance. Men and women, it turned out, were equally unhappy with the way they looked.

Baby Hair is here to change that. We want you to look the way you want so that you can feel the way you want. In our view, achieving the soft, stunning hair you had as a baby is a great place to start. Please keep reading for more information—and insights into the products and causes, we believe in.

Look Better to Feel Better

It’s no secret that the more we care for ourselves physically, the better position we’re in to improve ourselves emotionally. Our mental health is important, and it’s very much tied to our self-image.

Now, we’re by no means saying you should look a certain way. Rather, we stand firm in our belief that you deserve to look the way you’ve always wanted to look.

This is where Baby Hair comes in. Since 2015, our team has been offering a range of quality products. From haircare sets (think shampoo, conditioner, and other appealing products) to hair extensions, we want people from all backgrounds to access the products they deserve. Waves, wigs, and even balms and oils will help you look and feel the way you’ve envisioned.

Our founding team launched Baby Hair not only as a marketplace but as a community of diversity and inclusion. We set out to become a safe place—an environment of trust—where people with all hair types, and of all ethnicities, can come together.

Gender-agnostic, we are deeply rooted in equality and operate free from social hindrances. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we’re here for you.

Hair Products with a Cause

The first step in building confidence is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Our team wants this for everyone, which is why we’ve aligned ourselves with causes the whole Baby Hair community can support.

First, we are Allies to the LGBTQ+ community—with an emphasis on fostering a trans-safe environment.

Second, we use a portion of our proceeds to offer complimentary salon services to survivors of domestic violence.

One in four women, and one in seven men, will experience intimate partner violence over the course of their lives—and we want to make sure that each and every one of these people know they’re not alone.

Because here’s the thing: we want people from all walks of life to feel empowered. Our goal is for people like you to feel confident, beautiful, and above all else, safe. If there’s even a small role we can play in helping you achieve this, our team here at Baby Hair would like to offer our support.

Connect with Baby Hair

Our aim at Baby Hair is to help members of our community build self-esteem. Experts believe that 85% of the general population may struggle with low confidence. Our mission is to help people like you strengthen their self-image and feel better. Community and self-care are just the beginning.

Baby Hair will take care of the rest. We take great pride in offering hair products and services with a cause.

Ready to join the movement? Find community, build confidence, and access quality products with Baby Hair. Please contact us with questions or for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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